Anna Karlstroem

Senior Account Manager

Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, Forsbergs School of Design, Sweden

Bachelor in Communication, Billy Blue, Melbourne

Master in Business Administration Professional, Victoria Univeristy, Melbourne

How did you find your way to Blick?

With over twenty years’ of experience working in the creative industry across various disciplines such as communication, brand identity & strategy and business & client development. I challenged myself with a Master in Business Administration and I found myself at the end of the world. With a motivation to tame this unruly city and create a new home base I found myself on a new venture with Blick, that I’m thrilled about and I look forward to continuing building on my career and network here in Melbourne.

Inspiration comes in many forms and shapes and the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative, is usually a combination of observation, curiosity and finding synergies that are way outside the box. This can best be achieved by travelling and experience new places, cooking and eating food, as well as scary movies from the ’60s and Asian Horror, with a splash off the Powerpuff Girls and a walk by the ocean.


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