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We believe that the world, Australia and business need to help bring the earth back into balance – and that whatever we can do, no matter how small, adds to the overall solution. We believe in climate change and that this is becoming more of a concern not just for us now, but for our animals, forests and future generations.

Change brings opportunity

There is value in changing how we work, live and play, and this has more than just an environmental impact – it provides the business world vast opportunity for new industry, new sectors and profitability.

In line with these values, Blick offers a 5% discount to environmental organisations for in-house services (as well as government, not-for-profit and community organisations).

Working for a more sustainable future

In recent years, Blick has worked with wind energy turbine farms, solar energy companies, environmental science initiatives, tree-planting and seedling companies, and organisations providing and raising funds for investment into protecting and aiding wildlife

In the office

All paper that we print on in-house is 100% post-consumer recycled paper, we use Who gives a crap? toilet paper (because we do), and we are a fair-trade certified workplace, drinking only fair-trade coffee and tea (and occasionally indulging in fair-trade chocolate). Most of us also ride pushbikes, eBikes or catch public transport to the Blick office in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Offsetting the impact

Working with Tree Project Australia and Parks Victoria, we also have an annual Blick tree-planting day, where we invite others to join in to plant more than 1000 trees in areas across Victoria. This revegetation work – which aids in soil stabilisation and helps provide habitat for bushland birds and other indigenous plant and animal species – is one way we can contribute to offsetting the impact of some of our work.

Printing and suppliers

Blick’s printing practices include:

  • A commitment to explaining the differences between variations and terms associated with environmental printing (post-consumer waste, plantation, oxygen-bleached etc.)
  • All clients are offered an environmental stock option and are encouraged to use 100% recycled stocks where possible.
  • Our annual tree-planting day.
  • Preferential use of our FSC accredited print partners: all use 100% green power, 100% recycling of paper waste, metal printing plates and vegetable-based printing inks.

We can guide clients in the latest developments in environmentally sustainable printing choices, and proudly support business activities that use sound environmental and ecological practices.

Environmental responsibility

Our work is guided by the following environmental operating standards:

  • All electronic equipment is switched off or to stand-by at the end of each working day and fully shut down on weekends and holidays.
  • Every workstation or room equipped with recycle bin.
  • File transfer protocols to eliminate the need for CDs/DVDs.
  • Heating and cooling kept between 20–26 degrees celsius.
  • Integrated waste disposal system (separate bins for recyclables, general waste and paper).
  • Internal print cartridges recycled.
  • Paper-less communication and practice where possible.
  • Rechargeable batteries for office equipment.
  • Use of accredited green energy.
  • Use of 100% post-consumer recycled paper for internal printing.
  • Windows, ventilation and insulation used to adjust temperature prior to heating or cooling.


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