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Always learning – Berman’s Corner

10 July 2022

Something the Blick team value getting to do every day is learn. We listen and learn from our clients, our peers, our community and research to realise better design and web solutions, and better ourselves for the future. Just last week, we researched and experimented with tactile ideas for print communication for people who are blind. One of our clients introduced us to Berman’s Corner – a printed document (think a business card, handout or magazine) that once printed has a tiny, 45-degree cut of paper trimmed from one of its four corners. The cut is not large enough to get in the way of the printed message, but large enough that a person who is blind can notice that one of the corners is intentionally chopped. This tactile clue is a signal that, within 8.9 cm (3.5 in) of that corner, there is a scannable code, such as a QR code, that they can scan using a digital device to receive the information in an accessible medium, So simple, yet so brilliant! We can’t wait to put this clever idea into use in our work.

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