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ANMJ —Booklets

23 February 2024

Blick has innovatively created ANMJ supplied popular content into a series of four professional journal booklets for the ANMJ website, aimed at enriching the site’s audience engagement. These booklets, crafted for and by nurses, midwives, and carers, encapsulate themes such as Balancing Shift Work, Launching Your Career, Nursing Career Paths, and Maximising Undergraduate Study.

Designed with a focus on leadership, each booklet sports a clean, simple, and modern aesthetic, making them not only visually appealing but also easy to digest. They serve as invaluable resources, offering insights through tips, articles, health and wellbeing Q&A sessions, and much more. These engaging booklets are intended to provide practical and quick information, encouraging readers to explore further on the ANMJ website. Characterised by bright, friendly designs complemented by large images and graphic elements, they make for an enjoyable read. Discover these resources on their new ANMJ website for a blend of practical information and inspiration.

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