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Applied Research Centre for Disability and Wellbeing: logo

20 April 2022

The Applied Research Centre for Disability and Wellbeing (ARCDW) is a public company based in Tasmania. Its purpose is to create new knowledge that supports people with developmental, intellectual or cognitive disability to live engaged, connected and valued lives. Registered in November 2021, it’s in the process of developing its brand. We recently developed its logo. Can you guess what the biggest challenge with this logo design was? Yep. The length of the organisation’s name.

Ensuring that the name was easily read and identifiable was our first concern. To do this, in most of our concepts we split the title between ‘The Applied Research Centre’ and ‘for Disability and Wellbeing’. We also took note of accessibility – colour contrast, font size and readability. We provided options for font-based and icon-based logos, and designed with a professional look in mind, as the ARCDW’s primary audience is academics. We stretched the brief a little and introduced some literal and abstract representations of people, community, disability and wellbeing, and presented both vertical and horizontal options.

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