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Australian Hydrogen Council — Pull Up Banner

10 August 2023

The Blick team loved the opportunity to create a banner for the Australian Hydrogen Council. They enjoyed delving into the science and chemistry of hydrogen to come up with various creative options. Designs involving hydrogen atoms, nuclei, electrons, and clean energy-related images.

After careful consideration, the Council opted for a more literal design featuring a high-pressure pipe against a serene rural landscape with a sunset and clear skies. The deliberate simplicity of the design allowed the brand to stand out clearly and provided a clean backdrop for events and speakers.

The banner’s first use was a resounding success, as it was displayed behind The Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Chris Bowen. The photo captured at the event showcased the banner’s effectiveness as a backdrop, representing the Australian Hydrogen Council’s commitment to clean energy.

As designers, seeing their creations as impactful backdrops behind important speakers is immensely rewarding, and this project with the Australian Hydrogen Council was no exception. The team’s passion for clean energy and creative flair truly shone through in the final design.


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