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Blick has a new self built CRM system

12 March 2024

Blick has been hard at work developing the “Kreativ Kollectiv” (KK) CRM system, tailored for creative agencies. Even though its initial intention might have been for a different user base, it’s exciting to see it being redirected for internal use. With its comprehensive features ranging from sales and project management to invoicing and client portals, KK is a powerful tool that can streamline operations for agencies of all sizes.

Transition periods often come with minor hiccups, but Blick is dedicated to ironing out any administrative issues swiftly, which won’t effect any client work. With KK’s emphasis on simplicity and logic in its design, it’s been well-received by the team as it gets integrated into daily workflows. Better efficiencies await, and it’s evident we are enthusiastic about the positive impact KK will have on our operations.

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