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Building a new custom design website? Make sure you put your customers first

2 October 2020

Customers are the reason businesses exist and the reason we all have jobs.  Too many websites are designed and structured around the products and services a company produces. And not around the needs and requirements of the customers you want to do business with.

It is the experience that a user (or customer) has when they interact with your website that determines the success of a new website. Research shows that a 10-second wait for a page to load means 50% of customers will give-up and go to a competitor. If people have a poor online experience, they blame the entire organisation.

Before you commission someone to design your new website make sure you have a thorough understanding of your customers and target audience.

Understanding your customers

Instead of focusing on what products or services you want to promote with your new website, think about what your customers are trying to achieve.

  • What is their motivation and what does success look like for them? :
  • What information do they need when they come to your site?
  • What issues are they looking to resolve?
  • What factors will influence their buying decisions?
  • What Call-to-Actions (CTAs) do they need to follow?

Answering these questions is a challenge but the more information you can obtain about your customers, the more successful your new website is likely to be.

The content and functions you build should be mapped out according the needs and requirements of your customers. This will help determine:

  • What web pages are required
  • What content and functions need to appear on those pages
  • How will visitors find those pages and navigate through the site
  • What actions you want visitors to take after visiting those pages.

Creating the online experience your customers want

You may have heard of the term UX (User Experience). UX is used to produce a custom website design that speaks to your target audience. Once you know what your customers want and the type of content that will engage their interest you can start designing menu layouts, navigation links, button designs, shopping cart functionality and all the other aspects of the site that website visitors need for navigation and finding the information they want. The aim is to make your website as user friendly and easy to navigate as possible for your target audience.

Blick Creative adopts a customer first approach to all of our website design projects. We take the time to understand your business and your customers. A custom built website from Blick will work and engage customers across all browser and device types.

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