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Candella Co-Design Workshop

10 March 2023

Candella is a not-for-profit organisation that focus explicitly on the mental health and wellbeing of their clients.

The CEO of Candella Araon was wanting to update the brand and website and it was important to him to have an inclusive process where where all stakeholders and clients from diverse backgrounds and experiences were able to have their say, and participate in the process of the rebranding. So Blick ran a co-design workshop with Candella staff, lived experience clients and some outside support workers.

The workshop was invaluable in getting different perspectives, experiences and expectations going forward for the Candella brand. The workshop has some robust discussion, thoughts and opinions from every person in the room and was a great experience for everyone.

We have since created a reverse brief based on the valuable information recieved. Since then we have created a new logo and have started on a new brand concept. Both should make it into the next UberBlick.

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