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CityWide and Arboriculture Australia: Campaign and booth design

12 May 2022

Blick created a set of 10 banners for the Arboriculture Australia Annual Conference, which took place from 21-24 May. The banners spearhead a campaign – Arborists don’t grow on trees – which aims to highlight the need for education and investment in new arborists to help alleviate a skills shortage in this area. With flexibility in mind, the banners and campaign design were used at the conference and can also be used at future. The client will be able to use them time and time again – at the conference, at other events or campaign opportunities, and individually, or as a group, and the branding, messaging and design can be transferred to other mediums, such as socials and advertisements.

A simple and impactful aspect of the banner design is that the arborists are missing from the picture. To achieve this, we placed a silhouette of an arborist at work in diverse locations and roles, then highlighted their absence by whiting out the silhouette. This also helped to showcase attractive aspects of this job: its outdoor nature and diversity. Our design team also used different transparencies of leaves and a particular hierarchy of design elements and text to maintain audience engagement.

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