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Community Child Care – Animated Videos

28 March 2024

Blick collaborated with Community Child Care (CCC) to produce a series of animation videos complementing their workforce planning guide. Designed to aid childcare centers through the guide’s five stages, the videos introduce and explains the importance of workforce planning, followed by detailed explanations of each section.

Karl and Ella (Blick Team), leveraging their animation expertise, worked alongside a skilled scriptwriter to create captivating visuals. With AI-generated voiceovers adding depth, the team adeptly navigated tight timelines. Utilising animation libraries, they crafted bespoke characters and scenes, ensuring clarity and engagement throughout.

The collaborative effort resulted in an informative and visually appealing series. From conceptualisation to execution, the team’s dedication and creativity shine through, providing CCC with effective tools to facilitate workforce planning. and a great result overall.

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