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Day off for mental health

5 September 2021

Thanks to COVID work and home life for many of us – including Blick’s team –have become intertwined. While there are positives to this, lockdowns, limitations and working at a busy pace can impact our motivation, mental health and energy levels. In recognition of this, Blick gave each of its staff a  paid day off and long weekend. This was a time for staff to do something they enjoy, call friends or family, exercise or simply relax and do nothing.

The result on their return to work the following week was a more energised team with more focus, more laughter and better frames of mind all round.

Let’s take care of each other through these testing times. Even while working remotely there are many things we can do to help with mindfulness and wellbeing. Some of our favourites are taking mini breaks to move our bodies, getting out into the garden, brewing a decent pot of tea, and playing music to accompany our creativity.

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