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Holan Group

15 October 2021

Holan is a new, socially-minded and multidisciplinary business serving government and industry that is officially launching soon, when the website we’re developing for them is complete (in a few weeks). Holan initially had a simple, font-based logo created in house, but after speaking with our team they decided they were interested in having a unique mark for their brand – one that was in line with their business offerings, company culture, professional services and holistic view.

The logo needed to be simple, professional, bold and impactful. Holan also wanted to emphasise their organisational culture, their broader perspective on work-life balance and their support for veterans, the broader community and the environment.

To meet their brief, we developed an adaptable logo one that is very simple and contemporary. The logo instantly has a professional presence, yet blends this with dynamism through shapes and angles used, but also a sense of approachability  and meaning through the rounded corners and symbolism of the O – full service, journey, meeting togerther, focal point, holistic in approach,  but also breaking cycles for new innovations when required.

Overall an impressive logo, representing everything Holan is, offers and stands for!

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