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30 October 2023

This month, Blick has been actively engaged in supporting the Australian Hydrogen Council. We’ve played a pivotal role in their events by crafting a range of materials. This included designing invitations, table cards, banners, promotional items, and a crucial communiqué. This communiqué served as a declaration of our joint commitment to addressing the pressing global issue of climate change and striving for a sustainable future.

The communiqué’s design was carefully curated, blending Australian and Japanese flora with subtle colours and a warm grey backdrop. We aimed for a high-level, professionally elegant document that encapsulated the essence of the event and the commitments made. Importantly, it had to be visually appealing for photography.

For another event, Blick created various promotional materials, such as a logo media wall, branded event booth wall designs, and customized table coverings and fizz lollies.

These projects were incredibly enjoyable, each presenting unique design challenges. We catered to diverse audiences, including high level corporate entities and government representatives, making it a rewarding and dynamic month of work.

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