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Pay Now, Create Later

15 May 2024

Pay Now, Create Later – Pay and book your projects in now, and we can work on them in the new financial year when you’re ready! *

Whether you have leftover grant funds you need to make the most of, or extra money for marketing that you don’t want to lose, Blick allows your business to pay for the project now and book the project in later.

Websites  •  Graphic Design  •  Branding  •  Marketing

  • Custom Website Design 
  • Social Media advertising
  • Campaign Material 
  • Photography and Video 
  • Signage and banners 
  • Branding and Style guide
  • Annual Reports, Reports and publications 
  • Logo design
  • Printing
  • Co-design and workshops
  • eMarketing, eNewsletters
  • Event branding and marketing material

*Pay Now, Create Later offer is valid from 15th May 2024 to 30th June 2025 and funds must be used and projects completed within 12 months from the date purchased. There is no use or refund of unused time/investment after this period.

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