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Team Building and our End of Year Activities

15 December 2023

The Blick team gathered last Thursday to celebrate Blickmas and reflect on a year filled with successful client projects. The day was packed with enjoyable team activities, bringing everyone together.

We kicked off the festivities at the office with a lively game of Kris Kringle gift exchange, which turned into a spirited Stealing Santa game. 

Our creative talents shone at Anatolia Art Studio, where we participated in a mosaic lamp workshop. It was fascinating to see how a group of designers navigated the world of color selection for their intricate lamps.

The day took an adventurous turn as we battled Virtual Reality zombies at Zero Latency. The action-packed experience left some of us needing a bit of recovery time, but a few delicious drinks revived our spirits.

Later, we enjoyed a delightful dinner at Agraba restaurant in North Melbourne, savoring delicious Lebanese cuisine. We indulged in a wide array of Mezze dishes, shared laughter, and filled ourselves to the brim. While some of us initially had grand plans for more festivities, the food coma took over, and we slowly headed home. (Rumor has it that Mark continued the party a bit longer!)

You can check out the memorable moments captured in our pictures from this fantastic day!

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