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WASHinHCF Website Live

22 August 2021

After a successful launch of the original WHO and UNICEF-driven Water, Sanitation and Hygiene services in Health Care Facilities (WASHinHCF)’s website at the begining of 2019 and a great couple of years following this, the time came for an upgrade and redevelopment. WASHinHCF aims to improve basic water services in health care facilities around the world, so the site needs to be accessible and understandable by anyone, anywhere. To achieve this, we redeveloped the site with a clean layout – one with minimal white space and more contextual design elements to better guide the user throughout the website. It’s now very interactive, with click throughs, moving statistics and figures as well as user friendly directories and searches. We used lots of images and effects like parallax scrolling to make the website more engaging. We updated the colour pallet using a dark blue (representing water and trust) complimented with yellow for highlights and design elements for a modern, impactful and approachable feel. Blick was also tasked with developing an interactive Country Tracker. The challenge here was taking the contents of a complex spreadsheet with a large amount of data, and presenting it digitally using interactive prompts to filter the content down to what was relevant to the user. The website is built to AA accessibility standards, making it an inclusive website that is accessible to everyone.

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