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What’s in a name?

11 September 2022

One of the many things we do here at Blick is product, business and campaign name development. We’ve had the opportunity to exercise these muscles recently developing a product name for a new suite of smart tech solutions a client has created.

Having the ‘right’ name is important. It needs to be unique and memorable, and a worthy reflection of the business, product or campaign it’s fronting. It needs to be easy and enjoyable to say. Is there a meaningful word in another language that might work? (Blick is a great example of this – it means ‘look’ or ‘view’ in German, which is our Director Mark’s mother tongue.) Can we create a whole new word? Should the name be playful, or aspirational, or straight down the line? If it’s going to have a website, it needs to be available in the domain URLs (.com, and so on) that you’d like to have a presence in. We also do some IP checks to see if there’s any conflict or ownership. We keep all these things in mind as we develop and consider names, often building longlists before whittling our creativity back down. We look forward to sharing more in this realm soon.

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