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You Matter — Website

22 March 2024

Blick took on the project of constructing a user friendly website for You Matter, an organisation dedicated to establishing safe havens for women and children impacted by family violence.

The website’s design prioritises functionality and inclusivity, catering to a broad audience. Key features of the website include sections for news and events, an integrated donation pathway, allowing supporters to contribute to the cause effortlessly. Additionally, a Safe Exit button is prominently displayed, providing a quick escape route for individuals in urgent situations.
Recognising the diverse needs of their audience, the website incorporates accessibility features and language tools, ensuring that information is easily accessible to everyone. This commitment to inclusivity reflects You Matter’s dedication to serving women and children from all walks of life.

Through their innovative website and unwavering commitment to their cause, You Matter staff and volunteers continue to make a profound difference in the lives of those affected by family violence.
You Matter warmly invites individuals and organisations to contribute in several meaningful ways. Whether you’re inclined to provide furniture, donate funds, volunteer, or partner with them, your support is invaluable to their mission to create safe havens for women and children affected by family violence.

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