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Plan International—Plan Australia and Plan Vietnam

Gender & WASH Monitoring Tool

On-site Photography in Vietnam / Educational Photo Flash Cards / Report (Dual Language) / Gender and WASH Monitoring Tool / Brochure

Plan International is a not-for-profit organisation focused on helping vulnerable communities located in remote, marginalised areas. The Gender and WASH program was developed to improve water, sanitation and hygiene, as well as gender-based inequalities in targeted areas.

Blick was engaged to go to Vietnam and take photographs of local community members for educational use, as well as design a suite of campaign collateral to further support the Gender and WASH program.

Blick flew to Vietnam for a three day photoshoot and art direction, providing images for a series of educational photo flash cards and learning aids, designed to demonstrate positive water, sanitation and hygiene practices to people living in remote communities. This job required great care and tact, with the locals being of an ethnic minority within Vietnam, and many of them feeling quite cautious and wary of visitors coming in for the photo sessions. The flash cards were laminated and used in conjunction with an easy to follow Gender and WASH Monitoring Tool.
In this Monitoring Tool, handbook text is set large to aid comprehension by non-primary English speakers. We also included icons and way-finding mechanisms to further assist those who do not speak English as a first language.
Additionally, Blick created a dual language (English and Vietnamese) report for the program, which included a double cover.

Blick’s on-site photography and art direction services have ensured the flash cards function as a very successful community communications tool. The images have also provided a strong visual resource that Plan can use well into the future.
The accompanying Gender and WASH Monitoring Tool has been so successful that it has since been translated into Lao, with Blick enlisted to re-layout the publication using Laos fonts and conventions.

Blick Creative undertook a photo shoot in Vietnam to produce photo cards for Plan’s WASH program. Community members are often very shy with external visitors, yet Blick were professional, personable and sensitive to cultural needs, which allowed the community to open up and respond well to the photo sessions. Plan has continued to use the photo cards in Vietnam and have received great feedback about the positive images that Blick created.

Lee Leong–Program Manager, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Plan – Australia National Office

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