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At Blick, we treat people fairly and equally, and enjoy working with clients who do too. We are pro-people, pro-fun, pro-inclusivity, and anti-discrimination – and proud to work with ethical businesses, good corporate citizens and not-for-profit and community organisations that are also working to build a more equitable, just and sustainable world.

Our staff get great satisfaction from working on projects that add value to the broader community and contribute to helping people who are less fortunate, or who have various life challenges that we are helping to lighten just a little. In line with these values, we offer a 5% discount to not-for-profit, government, environmental and community organisations for in-house services.

Another core value that drives our work is integrity. We listen to value our clients’ opinions and offer the best design, website or communications solution for their needs, regardless of what may be ‘easier’ for us. With integrity, we work hard, we work responsibly, and we work together with our clients towards common goals.

A safe workplace for our diverse, creative staff

The diverse experiences and backgrounds of our staff add a distinct depth and richness to our design work and the solutions we create for our clients.

We work hard to maintain a harmonious, supportive and safe workplace. From inclusive processes and an open-door policy where we are encouraged to talk about anything (whether with our human or canine colleagues, thanks to our therapy dog Barky), to our regular tree-climbing, cheese-tasting, French-cooking, Japanese-ink-painting social outings, fortnightly yoga sessions and annual tree-planting event, we strive to constantly support each other as a team to be the best we can be while hopefully contributing to something greater than ourselves. And we hope this reflects in what we then offer our clients.

Dedication to positive social impact

As well as working with socially-conscious clients, we try to ensure everything in our office practises what we preach. We are a certified Fairtrade workplace (only using Fairtrade coffee, tea and chocolate) and regularly support fundraising and environmental awareness events such as Movember (awareness for men’s health for Beyond Blue), Earth Day, UnitingCare Pancake Day and more. And of course, we only use Who Gives a Crap toilet paper – because, of course, we do!

Social responsibility policy

Blick’s work is guided by the following standards:

  • Demonstrate transparency in business and financial practices.
  • Observe the principles of fairness, respect and impartiality in relationships with all stakeholders.
  • Operate ethically, with integrity and cultural sensitivity.
  • Respect fundamental human rights and the dignity of people.
  • Respect the rule of law.
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