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Blick has a proven track record of conducting successful Co-Design Sessions with various clients, including Merri Health, Candella, City of Whittlesea, Whitehorse Manningham Libraries, Monash Health, Bendigo Community Health Services, Northern Schools Early Learning, and Deafblind Australia. These sessions have consistently yielded impressive results.
Co-design is an inclusive and people-centred approach that encompasses participatory, co-creation, collaborative, and open design processes. It empowers a diverse range of individuals to creatively contribute to problem-solving or seizing opportunities. Unlike traditional consultation, co-design fosters equal collaboration among stakeholders, placing those with lived experiences at the core of the design process.
Blick's facilitators play a crucial role in successful co-design workshops, fostering engagement, communication, creativity, insights sharing, and idea testing among participants. They listen, ensure equal participation, and stimulate meaningful conversations.
Various tools and techniques support the co-design process, including:
  • Open questions, visual guides,
  • games,
  • adult drawing,
  • expressive writing,
  • diverse perspectives,
  • and testing existing or new ideas.
Co-design sessions consistently unveil enhancements that might remain undiscovered without the involvement of individuals with lived experiences.

Immediate benefits of this approach include:

  • Participants feeling included and listened to,
  • strengthened relationships between products or services and those with
    lived experiences,
  • generation of original and valuable ideas,
  • improved understanding of customer or user needs,
  • validation of ideas or concepts,
  • higher-quality products or services,
  • efficient decision-making,
  • reduced development costs and time,
  • enhanced cooperation across disciplines and organisations,
  • and increased support for innovation and change.
Reach out to one of our account managers to explore how a co-design workshop can benefit your organisation.
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