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Blick is an award-winning branding and design agency serving clients across Australia and worldwide. We're passionate about everything related to brands and have played pivotal roles in the journeys of not for profits, established businesses, start-ups and global organisations. Our approach is rooted in creativity, strategic thinking, and practical solutions.
Our diverse team are strategic thinkers, creative designers, and innovators. Importantly we take the time to understand you, your industry, and your brand, recognising the challenges of gaining visibility and creating awareness in an often crowded market.
Your brand is your promise to your customers, defining what they can expect from your products and services while setting you apart from competitors. We delve into your needs, audience, and industry through detailed briefings or co-design sessions led by account managers with branding and marketing expertise.
Our creative team craft brand concepts based on the brief, existing brand, and style guide. These concepts form the foundation for all marketing materials, often spanning:
  • Internal communication (stationery/documents),
  • External marketing (Campaign material, signage, brochures),
  • Digital/online assets (website pages, EDMs, social media tiles).
We present and explain the concepts, demonstrating how they align with your objectives.
Brands don't always need a complete overhaul; sometimes, a brand refresh (evolution) suffices until a more significant transformation (revolution) is appropriate. We collaborate closely with clients to tailor the best approach for their unique branding requirements, ensuring their brand aligns with their identity and values in a competitive market. While we excel in creating new brands, Brand Evolution is about enhancing existing foundations without starting from scratch. It's about adapting to new audiences, introducing innovations, and modernising. Evolving with the times strengthens brands, enriching audience experiences, and ensuring lasting relevance and impact.
Let us help you define and realign your brand to better connect with your audience..
Brand Style Guide
While ready for implementation across all touchpoints, we recommend creating a Brand Style Guide to maintain consistency in look, feel, and messaging. An effective brand engages, informs, evokes emotions, and, in some cases, disrupts the industry to garner attention.
A brand style guide is essential for maintaining brand consistency across all team members. It encompasses various elements, including brand colours, fonts, palette, style, design elements, image usage, iconography, tone of voice, and brand narrative. The guide dictates how these elements should be utilized.
Every brand should have a style guide that serves as a reference for its staff. It outlines the voice and brand elements that define the company's identity and values. The style guide should offer clear instructions to ensure that all employees comprehend and adhere to the brand's core values, fostering a unified brand identity.
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