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Ozi Choice

Product Packaging & Re-Brand

Identity design / Packaging / Website / eCommerce / Copywriting / Brochures / Posters / Banner

Ozi Choice is an Australian brand targeting the Chinese-Australian market with convenient and nutritious products to integrate into daily life. Currently specialising in milk powders, the brand intends to branch out into various food products and nutritional supplements in the future.

Ozi Choice initially engaged Blick to create a new look and feel for their range of powdered milk packaging. The aim was to reflect this premium product’s nutritious benefits, while emphasising its all-Australian roots to a Chinese-Australian market that holds Australian food products in high esteem.

Blick re-created the milk packaging to give it a fresh and wholesome feel. We also made the design sophisticated so the food product can be given as a gift – a common act within the target market.
Following the success of this packaging, Blick was asked to create new promotional materials for the brand, including a banner, poster, brochures and website.
The website focuses on the brand’s milk powders and highlights the natural Australian landscape of which the products are derived. We have written the copy to emphasise the familial look and feel of the site, and set it up to focus on the milk powders without ruling out the option to add products in the future.
Blick is also in the process of creating a user-friendly online shop for the brand, where customers located all over the world can purchase items.

The work we have done for Ozi Choice has re-invented the brand by giving it a natural and family-oriented look and feel that connects with the target audience and promotes the products’ healthy, nutritious qualities.

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