Hosting & Maintenance

Once your website is up-and-running, it’s important to look at hosting and maintenance. After all, launching a website without considering where it’s hosted or maintained is a bit like buying a new car without considering where it’s going to be garaged or serviced. It’s a crucial part of its continuing success.

Blick offers high-quality, scalable, Australian-based hosting and maintenance packages to ensure your website’s ongoing health, security and functionality.

It’s extremely important for your website’s safety and security that it is hosted on a stable, reliable, secure and fast server. Combining this with a well-structured regime of maintenance means you will have a website that is up-to-date and functioning well and securely into the future.


There’s hosting and there’s hosting!

Blick has been developing websites for more than 15 years and we learnt early the importance of good website hosting, as well as common important elements for its ongoing performance, speed and stability.

Whether you’re a new small business or not-for-profit, a fast-growing organisation or the owner of a high-traffic ecommerce website, our packages and flexible, customised solutions can help.

We offer the following for all websites we host:

  • Intel CPU
  • Ample memory
  • Free SSL security
  • SSD hard drives for storage
  • Hosting in Australia (Sydney)
  • Daily backups held for 30 days
  • 24/7 support from Australian server provider
  • A dedicated server (faster and more reliable than VPS)
  • Confidence your website is online and operational to exceptional standards, with a 99.99% uptime SLA (uptime relates to the time it’s online and operational, and an uptime SLA is an important hosting quality metric. An SLA of 99.99%, for example, is excellent, equating to only 52 minutes and 36 seconds of downtime per year.)


Our primary servers are hosted in Sydney, the largest corporate and financial centre in Australia, as well as the major interconnection point for international traffic to and from Australia.

For you, having Sydney as our point-of-presence in four data centres means faster and more reliable connectivity for your website.


We have options for all clients, whether large, small, local, national or international. Importantly, our websites are hosted in Australia, giving you piece of mind that you can expect quality and reliability and that your data is secure and falling under Australian data laws.

Whether you’re hosting eCommerce software, high-traffic retail websites, business-critical applications or something else, protecting your online assets with the clustered Juniper firewalls we offer could be an important addition to your digital infrastructure.


Need more size? It only takes a few minutes to upgrade you to larger data requirements with bigger packages, or customise packages for your requirements.


Blick has several international clients that prefer to use our Australian hosting solutions for the above reasons. However, sometimes international hosting better serves their needs (for example, if they need a server closer to their main audience or for their website to fall within their country’s legal framework). As such, they use our alternative solutions in areas such as the USA and Europe, or the content delivery networks (CDNs) we tap into for faster access to information globally. Wherever you are, Blick has the solution or expert advice to help.

Website maintenance

Websites aren’t something we create and leave to run seamlessly into the future.

They’re sophisticated platforms needing updates to core platforms, plugins, hardware and browsers. Add to this the constant threat of cyber-attacks and the internet, search engines and security constantly evolving, and it’s critical to ensure your website is well maintained.

7 key reasons for regular website maintenance:

  • Security
  • Updates to plugins
  • Fixing broken links
  • Checking your website’s speed
  • Checking your website’s mobile responsiveness
  • Updates to the core platform/CMS (content management system)
  • Checking all forms to ensure that they are operating and pointing to the correct place

Take a look at Blick’s website hosting and maintenance packages and speak to one of our team to discuss the right maintenance solution for your website.


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