Local Transit – client testimonial

1 September 2021

Local Transit is a social enterprise that provides inclusive, wheelchair-accessible transport services for people with restricted mobility, primarily those with disabilities and the elderly. We offer a range of services for public transport trials and projects, regular transport for organisations and individual clients, as well as on-call bookings.

Earlier this year, Blick Creative provided an excellent service spanning several months for the design and development of our new website. They spent time getting to know the disability transport industry as well as our organisation, including taking time to understand exactly what and how we wanted our organisation to be presented. Jesh and Karl worked with us to refine the look, the feel and the content or our website – localtransit.com.au . They were extremely responsive and receptive to our needs, which at times changed and were refined during the process.

Local Transit is very pleased with the result and we highly recommend Blick Creative. “