Blick’s Christmas Party 2019

17 January 2020

It seems so long ago, but it was so much fun and we wanted to share it with you! For Blick’s 2019 Christmas party we did a Japanese ink painting workshop at Kami Paper with the wonderful Junko Azukawa. She’s incredibly talented at Sumi Painting and Japanese Calligraphy, making it look a lot easier than it actually is!

We grinded and made our own black ink and then Junko demonstrated the art of simple brush strokes to help us create our own paintings of bamboo, koi fish, dragonflies and flowers, just to name a few. It was fun to unwind and learn the art of Japanese ink painting with green tea and homemade gingerbread men for afternoon tea!

Next, we headed to the O’Brien Icehouse to burn some energy and try our luck at ice skating. While there were varying degrees of experience and talent on the ice, we all came away with smiles, sore feet and empty bellies ready for a French feast at Bon Apetit in Fitzroy North. From cheese platters to mussels, espresso martinis and crème brulee, everything we ordered was amazing! It was a wonderful opportunity for the Blick team to celebrate a great year together. Check out some photos of the team on Blick’s Facebook page.