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ABC Friends

ABC Friends Branding and Website

Website design / Branding / Collateral / Style Guide

Strengthening Brand Identity for ABC Friends

Overview: ABC Friends is a not-for-profit organisation driven by passionate volunteers dedicated to championing the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). With a vision of fostering a fearless, independent ABC cherished by all Australians and fully backed by the government, ABC Friends sought to revitalise its brand identity. To achieve this goal, they engaged Blick Creative, a leading design agency, to create a new logo, brand concept, and style guide.

The challenge lay in revitalising ABC Friends’ brand identity to resonate with its diverse audience while maintaining a cohesive image across its national and regional branches. Additionally, the goal was to equip the organisation with a comprehensive style guide to ensure consistency in communication and facilitate future campaigns.


  1. Logo and Brand Concept: Blick Creative crafted a new logo and brand concept that encapsulated ABC Friends’ mission and values. The design reflected the organisation’s commitment to supporting the ABC while exuding professionalism and inclusivity.
  2. Style Guide Development: A detailed style guide was meticulously compiled to provide ABC Friends with a roadmap for maintaining a cohesive brand image. This guide covered various elements, including language use and tone, logo application, colour palette, brand elements, icons, social media tiles, image selection, signage, and website design.
  3. Communication Materials: Leveraging the newly developed brand concept, Blick Creative produced a range of communication materials tailored to ABC Friends’ needs. These materials were designed to effectively convey the organisation’s message and support for the ABC while engaging its target audience.
  4. Website Refresh Opportunity: As part of the project, Blick Creative identified an opportunity to refresh ABC Friends’ website to align with the new brand identity. This initiative aimed to enhance user experience, accessibility, and visual appeal, ensuring that the website served as an effective platform for communication and advocacy.

Outcome: The collaboration between ABC Friends and Blick Creative resulted in a revitalised brand identity that resonated with stakeholders across the country. The comprehensive style guide provided ABC Friends with a roadmap for maintaining consistency in communication and implementing engaging campaigns. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in the style guide, ABC Friends can effectively communicate its support for the ABC and connect with its audience on various platforms. Furthermore, the potential website refresh presents an opportunity to further enhance the organisation’s online presence and amplify its impact in advocating for a fearless, independent ABC valued by all Australians.

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