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InTouch Website

Website design / Custom Website Development / Accessibility

Empowering Migrant and Refugee Communities through inTouch’s Website Revamp

Overview: inTouch is an organisation dedicated to providing essential services, programs, and responses to family violence within migrant and refugee communities. Their mission is to support migrant and refugee women and their communities in overcoming experiences of family violence and thriving. Seeking to enhance their online presence and accessibility, inTouch approached Blick Creative for a comprehensive website redesign.

inTouch required a new website that not only reflected their services, culture, and expertise but also met stringent accessibility standards. Additionally, the website needed to integrate a Learning Management System (LMS) and multiple functionalities in a user-friendly and engaging manner. Key requirements included incorporating a quick exit button and prominently displaying emergency contact numbers on every page. Furthermore, the website needed to be culturally sensitive, with features such as Google Translate to cater to their Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) audience, along with accessibility tools to ensure inclusivity.


  1. Culturally Aware Design: Blick Creative crafted a website design that resonated with inTouch’s target audience while showcasing their services and expertise. The design incorporated culturally sensitive imagery, colours, and language to ensure inclusivity and relatability.
  2. Accessibility Integration: Meeting accessibility standards was a top priority. Blick Creative integrated features such as a quick exit button and prominently displayed emergency contact numbers on every page to ensure user safety. Additionally, accessibility tools were implemented to enhance user experience for individuals with disabilities.
  3. Integration of LMS and Functionalities: To enhance user engagement and learning, an LMS was seamlessly integrated into the website. This allowed inTouch to provide educational resources and training programs to their audience in an interactive manner. Various other functionalities, such as event calendars, resource libraries, and interactive forms, were also incorporated to enrich the user experience.
  4. Cohesive Navigation and Hidden Features: The website was designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing visitors to easily navigate and access information. Hidden features, such as interactive maps, community forums, and success stories, were strategically placed throughout the website to encourage exploration and engagement.

Outcome: The collaboration between inTouch and Blick Creative resulted in a culturally aware and accessible website that effectively communicates the organisation’s mission and services. Since its launch, the website has received positive feedback and high levels of engagement from users. By providing a user-friendly platform packed with hidden features and essential functionalities, inTouch is better equipped to support migrant and refugee communities affected by family violence. The revamped website serves as a testament to inTouch’s dedication to empowering individuals and fostering thriving communities. Explore the array of services inTouch has to offer on their website!

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