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The Farmers Mailbox

The Farmers Mailbox

Website design and development / Content creation / SEO and digital marketing strategy

The Farmer’s Mailbox nearly doubles revenue with new website and increased traffic from SEO.

In 2015 two brothers, Joe and Anthony Gallenti bought the Farmer’s Mailbox, an online supplier of Farming equipment. The brothers wanted to expand and grow their new business to become the most convenient place in Australia to purchase farming equipment and suppliers.
Providing exceptional customer experience and service is at the core of everything they do. To achieve their aims and grow their business, the Gallenti brothers knew they needed a new website and sound digital marketing strategy.

The challenge
The website they inherited from the previous owners was very out-of-date, difficult to update and maintain, and not very user friendly. Much of the content was duplicated, which penalised the site in Google search results. Most product descriptions were merely rehashed from manufacturer websites.

The solution
Blick was commissioned to design and build a new website and implement a digital strategy based on organic SEO and Google advertising. Blick approached the project as a true partner, identifying with what the Gallenti brothers wanted to achieve and helping them through every step of the process.
The new website delivered by Blick is a one-stop-shop for Australian farmers to purchase what they want at great prices,with fast delivery and exceptional service. A lot of attention was devoted to optimising the content and structure of the product pages and securing quality backlinks to the website, from suppliers, industry associations and government agencies.

Within the first 6 months after the launch of the new website, sales had increased by 24% due to increased traffic generated and higher ecommerce conversion rates. Over time revenue from the website has almost doubled.

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