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Victorian Government Education Department – Kindergarten Funding Guide

17 January 2023

Working in collaboration with the Victorian Education Department, Blick created the latest Kindergarten funding guide. The guide is 103 Pages, and it was crucial that we adhere to their style guide and also create the publication to accessibility standards.

Using the style guide pallet and fonts Blick created an engaging publiucation using vibrant images to break up the content, custom icons to draw attention to important information as well creating diagrams to best illustrate information.

On top of this Blicks copywriter did some detailed proffing, editing and rewriting of content ensuring accuracy and a singular tone throughout.

The publication was well recieved and it was great working with the Victorian State Government to create the project. In addition to the PDF we also created an accessible Word version to further enhace engagement for people with disability.

You can find the guide on the Victorian Government website.

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