Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust

Caulfield Racecourse Reserve — Branding


A short description to go here… A unique rebrand was required to help the newly appointed Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust (CRRT) to connect with their community groups and stakeholders. Over recent years, concerns have been expressed about a range of issues pertaining to the use and management of the reserve. Of particular concern is the need for an improved and accessible public open space, with racing related activities having been given priority in the past. There has also been a lack of community representation as well as a lack of transparency and accountability by the previous trust.

The current Trust are responsible for developing a Land Management Plan that addresses the community concerns, defines future land use and transforms this unique and historical piece of land into a welcoming community space.

The rebranding needed to reshape the image of the Trust. They wanted to be seen as trustworthy, reliable and accountable so they can achieve their vision to make Caulfield Racecourse Reserve an accessible destination for all.


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