Karl Murphy

Graphic & Digital Designer

Diploma of Multimedia Design — Holmesglen

Applied Design — RMIT

How did you find your way to Blick?
Over the past 15 years I’ve worked in a broad range of design roles in a variety of vastly different industries, covering all aspects of design from packaging, advertising and brand activations to digital. After working for a private company for the last few years I decided I really wanted to get back into a studio environment, where I could be surrounded and inspired by fellow creatives. Blick was exactly what I was looking for, socially and environmentally conscious with a broad range of exciting work with interesting clients.

What inspires you creatively?
Nature and the Universe at large. Probably my greatest passion and what drives me the most is to learn as much as i can about this amazingly complex and beautiful universe that we exist in. Through design we tap into some of the creative force that drives nature, it’s a way of communicating with ourselves that resonates at a deeper level than is immediately obvious.

I like to be in the flow of life, whether that be through music, martial arts or mountain biking or simply reading a book. If i could do one thing forever though, it would be to travel and see everything!


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