Melissa Sugden

Head of Design & Digital

Bachelor of Computer-Based Design, University of the Sunshine Coast

How did you find your way to Blick?
I moved from the Sunshine Coast to join the Blick Creative team as a Designer/Developer. Prior to joining Blick, I worked with a number of other creative agencies. I was attracted to the diverse range of print and digital projects that Blick offers and their work with not-for-profit organisations.

What inspires you creatively?
I am inspired by music, shapes, photographs and the work of other artists and designers. I love clever and subtle design. Saul Bass is my favourite designer – I love his bold yet minimal style.

These icons represent a big part of my life. The guitar and the wood plane tell the story of when I built my own custom electric guitar. It’s my favourite possession and building it from scratch meant I was able to customise everything to make it my own. I am looking forward finishing it off here in Melbourne and building more guitars in the future!


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