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Image credit: Creative Mornings/Illustration by CESS (César Cid)


Written by Ivy Hajduk, Designer/Developer

What is ethics? What does it mean to be ethical in today’s world, both personally and in business? These questions and more were pondered by Loving Earth’s co-founder Martha Butler at a February Creative Mornings Melbourne talk, part of their series on ethics.

Martha Butler is Brand Director and co-owner of Loving Earth, a brand known as much for its sustainable and ethical ethos as its deliciously decadent chocolates and sweets. So who better to talk to us about ethics, truth, modern business and all that important stuff that often gets glossed over?

Martha started her talk with a couple of anecdotes illustrating her journey towards finding what ethics means to her. She told the tale of moving to the UK from Australia at a young age and being excited to show off her frilly socks on the first day of school. She quickly discovered the subjective nature of fashion and was left mortified, shamed and shocked that what was true for one place was not necessarily true in another.

The second anecdote relays the time when Martha lived in an Arabic country. One day she was dressed in traditional Bedouin robes and a shopkeeper mistook her for an Arab child and rudely ushered her out of his store. From this experience Martha learned that appearances can be deceiving and may hide the truth.

These stories illustrate Martha’s lifelong journey of realising that truth is ultimately what’s inside you, and that everyone has their own fundamental truth. Life is a process of uncovering your own personal truth and not impinging upon another’s.

This finally is what ethics means to Martha ­– honouring your own truth while never encroaching upon someone else’s. Personally I like the simplicity and wholeness of this philosophy. I can say without irony that it resonates with my own internal truth.

All in all, it was a very interesting talk about something we would all do well to ponder. The only drawback was that it ended just as it was getting interesting, which couldn’t be helped of course! Martha Butler is the type of woman I’d love to have lunch with and pick her brain about such monumentous things as dark chocolate, Bedouin fashion and what lies at the core of her inner truth.


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